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It's our 2nd BIRTHDAY and we are Having CAKE ALL DAY!


Today LBS turns TWO!!! We can hardly believe it!! We interviewed Elvia, owner and creative director at LBS and we are so excited to share our journey with you babes!

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What were your goals when you first started LBS?

It's funny because before preparing for this blog post I went back to our very first Blog post from May 25, 2014. Reading through it brought back the BEST feelings, the good, the great, the bad, and the scary. Putting myself out there was no easy task. Were people going to like what we offered, would people understand our vision and goals, would people learn to love us and support us? Would my passion of wanting to celebrate women's beauty translate into the products I was posting. I was a mess and here we are 2 years later with an enormous amount of growth, faithful customers, and amazing new friend's.

What are your goals for the next 5 years for LBS? 

Definitely expanding our offices and purchasing our very own warehouse. A place where we can have more organization and room for growth. I plan to create more jobs and eventually start shipping globally verses only shipping domestically.

I will eventually allow someone else to take more a leadership role, so that I can focus more on designing more exclusive apparel pieces along with our the next project we have in the works. This of course is still top secret until we get it up and going, until then mums the word. I would also love to branch out into coaching and mentoring hopeful female entrepreneurs. The thought of being able to motivate and guide others and help them build a business and brand gives me so much satisfaction. In fact, I'd love to start this sooner than later. If all goes as planned, you can expect me to start coaching other Girl Bosses! Yeay!!


What part of LBS makes you the most passionate and happy? 

Can the answer to the question be EVERYTHING? Seriously, everything about Le Boutique Shop makes me happy. The buying process, the customer interaction, the reactions we receive from our customers. Receiving our merchandise, weekly meetings with our team. The Creative process of our tees, the Blogger collaborations and friendships I've made along the way. The lesson's I've learned.... I can go on and on! I seriously LOVE everything about Le Boutique Shop and still have to pinch myself from time to time wondering if this life of mine is real!

How have you grown with LBS? Meaning how did you get this far? 

This question actually has multiple answers and since blog posts are not meant to me memoirs hahaha, I will keep it short. Running Le Boutique Shop has taught me so MUCH about everything and when I say everything, I mean everything! How to create and build my brand, how to be a leader, how to communicate effectively with my customers, perseverance, how to deal with adversity. I can go one. Le Boutique Shop has taught me that taking a chance on my dreams PAYS OFF and that if you want something bad enough you need to go out there and WORK for it. Lastly Le Boutique Shop has taught me that it's ok to say NO and stop and live life. Running a business and trying to be successful can be exhausting and one can get so caught up one can forget to relax and enjoy the more important things like family.

What is your most favorite item in the shop? 

Right now it would be our Preach girl Preach Tee, I love the message, the quality and the overwhelming positive feedback we've received from everyone. Ask me next week and I may tell you it's another one of our items.

What are some tips you can offer to other business owners who are just starting their journey?

Be Passionate about what you are doing, when you are passionate about something you will pursue it with ALL your heart and you will never tire of it. When you pursue something with PASSION you will never consider it work instead it will be something that fulfills you. I promise, work at it and don't give it up. All your hard work and determination will pay off!

If you had to pick one thing to sell at LBS exclusively what would it be? 

I'm so mixed about this question because I absolutely love all of the products we offer and would probably feel sad having to chose. However, if I had to only offer one it would have to be Our  Rob & Beets Tees. Our Rob & Beets Tees have truly been a labor of love and something I have truly put my heart and soul into. Every design from the font choices to the colors have been thoroughly thought out and carefully curated. Our graphic designer(Susie) can attest to this. I can be a bit of a pest when it comes to our Tees. However, because I truly want to create products that are exclusive to us and quality is key, I would have to for sure say I would chose our Rob & Beets Tees.

Do you plan on adding anything new to the stop? A new line? A new market for men or kids? Although we do carry Unisex Tees that have already been purchased by so many of our customers for their husband's and kids, I'm not sure if I would fully be capable of launching a Men's line to out shop. I LOVE women's fashion, like really love and I could truly shop all day and play dress all day everyday. I'm not sure I would do a Men's line or a children's line justice because of my absolute obsession with women's apparel. Does that make sense? Ha! I love dressing up you guys!

We THANK ALL of you for being a part of this journey! Please make sure to use code 2ndbirthday for 25% off and enter our $100 giveaway!!! It's SUPER EASY!! 

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