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Where in the world has 2016 gone?!


Where in the world has 2016 gone?! Once a year a business owner takes sometime to reflect their major highlights, goals, and successes. Time is running out to share with ya’ll some behind the scenes from this past year!

2016 has been an amazing year!! We couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out to be! We are thankful and blessed to have customers like YOU supporting us and cheering us on all the time; you are the reason we do this!! All the heartaches, sweat, and tears are worth it in the end! We have grown so much this year and have really started to develop our style even more. We learned that our fans loved our top selling tees!

Our top selling tees for 2016:

-Le weekend 


-Cowboy Tees

We are going to kick 2017’s butt! We are pushing ourselves to go above and beyond for this year! We are working on new products, designs, and even pushing our wholesale orders out! YES we do offer wholesale! Make sure you check send us an email to find out more information!

WATCH out for a giveaway coming your way soon!! Make sure you stay up to date with us because we aren’t sharing any details until it starts!!!!

P.S Dont forget… you can get a FREE Girl Boss Calendar with ANY purchase… Now is the time to do it since you need to be organized. BUT also because there is a mega sale going on right before 2017 - so you get a sale and a FREEBIE!! There is NO better deal!!

XOXO Elvia. 

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